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in the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey.

Our goal is to help you:
Make a friend; Be a friend; Bring a friend to Christ!

Our next weekend is scheduled for September 17-20, 2015!

See the application for further infromation. 

 What is Cursillo and its history?

 Is Cursillo supported by the National Church?

 What does our own bishop say about Cursillo?

 Who should go to a Cursillo weekend?

 When are the weekends scheduled

 Where are the weekends held? 

 How can I get involved with the next team?

 What do I need to know to be a sponsor?

 Do you have an application form I can use?

  What is meant by "The Fourth Day"?

 What is an "Ultreya"?

 Where and when are the Ultreyas held?

 What is meant by "group reunion"

 How can I get connected to a group reunion?

 Can I get on the newsletter mailing list?

 What is "Palanca"?

 How can I submit Palanca requests to the Cursillo movement in New Jersey?

 Tell me about the Servant Council and who is on it.  

 What is "De Colores" and how did it start?

Cursillo CrossRemember, Christ is counting on you!

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